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Twin Peaks Diving Club
                                         "Your Diving Scuba Club"

The Scuba Diving Club is open to divers of all abilities and interests and is the perfect place for us to meet up with fellow divers and talk SCUBA. Scuba diving courses are run on weekly basis with all interests and levels catered for. Theory is usually started around 6pm for those on courses, the shop is open for those who like to browse or just ask advice and the kettle is always on and the fridge always full!

Pool session start later in the evening around 7pm when we have the use of two fantastic swimming pools. The pools have ample depth for all of our confined water training and are situated just 30m from the dive centre. The pool is also an ideal place to try equipment out in the water to help you make the right choice before you purchase. Our Open Water site is also right beside the pool so night dives and open water training is on hand
For the annual cost is “FREE” you receive use of the pool with an instructor or Divemaster. Club air is discounted to 4€ and discount on almost all our already heavily discounted equipment. This means if you dive then it’s the perfect choice for you.
You will also receive priority on any trips organised as first option is always given to club members. We run diving trips around the Island both shore and boat dives which are a small cost to join in and are attended by the centres Instructors and Divemasters. Trips always include a social event after the dive with food and drink.  If you'd like to start or further your diving, pop along to the Dive Centre for a chat and a coffee in the local coffee bar next door! Or you can join today on-line all club members shall receive a club card and welcome pack. Club members also receive 10% discount on all of our regular diving activities and courses throughout the summer. Course taken out of season are 20% discounted.
Twin Peaks club members will also have access to the members area on the web site which is only accessible to club members. In this area will be our chat room where you can seek advice from the centres instructors and Divemasters along with advice from other members. Also our online diary showing club dives and events throughout the year.
We have a social night on the first Thursday of each month to award divers achievements and to organise any future trips and usually grab a bite to eat afterwards.
Everyone is welcome
We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Twin Peaks Scuba Diving Club or should we say your dive club meets every Wednesday night at Twin Peaks Diving Centre, Rua do Furna, Santa Antonio, Sao Roque, Pico, Azores.  To join is free just click register and complete you registration.

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