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Blue shark diving in the Azores has become the main lure for a diver. The two main principle islands for shark diving in the Azores are Pico and Faial of the central group. During your shark diving excursion we give you an understanding of the real life story of sharks and their role in our ecosystem. We mostly encounter blue sharks, but could also get the elusive mako shark. We also have sightings of hammerhead sharks but are so timid almost impossible to get in the water with them although we have surface sightings. The Blue sharks of the Azores are less timid and quite inquisitive and will emerge up to the surface. With divers being eagle eyed we can often sight their dorsal fin from a distance. We use special techniques which have been developed over the years by Richard Pierce from the Shark Conservation Society who has personally used these to attract the sharks so that they approach the boat as close as possible. Get to understand the predators of the sea and observe these amazing animals directly from the our boat. Nowhere else in the world it is possible to watch blue sharks and mako sharks so closely and in such clear blue waters.

The Azores is a group of nine Islands out in the Mid-Atlantic belonging to Portugal, sat on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which created the longest mountain range in the world, albeit underwater, making the Atlantic home to some of the largest sea mountains in the world. Around Pico the Atlantic reaches incredible depths of up to 1.8km deep with in relative short distance of the island making Pico an ideal choice to set your base. Blues are a very deep shark and many have not seen the blue due to the distance elsewhere in the world to achieve these depths and with our unique topography making the ideal situation to encounter these amazing sharks
These are specialist full day trips with us venturing quite some distance from shore and all diver will receive a full safety briefing. All divers have to be minimum Advanced Diver with a minimum of 50 dives and show good buoyancy skills on a prior check dive. The blues can appear within minutes or can take a long period, but once around the boat they will often stay for a few hours at a time. It is mandatory that you are totally dressed in dark colours, including HOOD, GLOVES and BOOTS and you do so entirely at your own risk our insurance only covers you when you are in the boat so if you require in-water cover you will need to arrange this privately. You will be asked to sign a waiver before departure.

Is seeing them guaranteed? "The Truth"
We are adults and we want you to understand the situation. Blue sharks like all marine life can be sometimes tricky to locate and we can spend time scent chumming before we find them. Shark diving is a nature dive and we can not guarantee shark sighting although we have a good track record for blue shark sightings. We have 2 options we have the Shark expedition which is 3 shark dives, whilst we cannot guarantee sharks on every dive we can almost say you will encounter sharks during your expedition. The cost for an expedition is €500.00 an no show for sharks will be refunded €250.00. We also offer a single shark expedition €195.00 and again there is no guarantee but as we said above we have a good record on sightings over the years and your shark guide will apply all ability to attract the shark for you. For this reason there is no refund on a single shark expedition. 

All our shark dives are conducted on Nitrox 32 for those qualified. If you are not qualified then we offer the SDI Nitrox course with a 50% discount at just 99€