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Sorry to ask, but I have some more questions!
Whats the weather like?

Located in the temperate area of the Northern Hemisphere, the Azores are characterised by their mild climate throughout the year. Clouds and rain are a possibility any time of the year, although the summer months – between June and September/October – have longer periods of sunshine and higher temperatures. The average air temperature ranges between 13.6°C (minimum) and 22°C (maximum) throughout the whole year. Ocean wise for diving Feb to May a 7mm wetsuit or a dry suit would be sufficient with water temps between 16 and 19. May and June the water rises to around 20 and July, August will see 20 - 22 then from then they start cooling again.  Divers have to remember we are a dot in the mid-Atlantic and weather if very changeable. 

When is good to Dive Princess Alice? 
The Azores over the past few years have become a great destination for visitors to island hope. Whilst this is fantastic it has become ever increasingly difficult for divers to get a weather window to dive Princess Alice (96km offshore) during their short time on the island. For this reason alone Twin Peaks has decided to remove this dive from our schedule and focus on the amazing dives that divers can experience during their stay on Pico. For recommendations of service providers of Princess Alice manta diving please click here  
When is good for sharks? and are do you see them?
For the same reasons above Twin Peaks only offers shark diving during our specific shark diving weeks and do not accept off the street sharks diving requests.

What cylinders do you have? and do you provide Nitrox?
We have a full range of steel faber cylinders available from 10L to 15L which are both "A" (International) and "DIN" fittings. If you are used to diving with aluminium then no problem we have 12L luxfer aluminium cylinders which are both "A" (International) and "DIN" fittings. For those that wish to take part in deeper diving we have twin 12L available. For those traveling or renting a rebreather we have 2L and 3L CCR cylinders available. The dive centre has a continuous digital blender that can mix up to 40% and Trimix blends for certified divers. We can also partial pressure mix for those wishing a higher mix for decompression and boost oxygen to 200 bar for our technical range of diving 

What accommodation is available? and do you provide accommodation?
The accommodation range available is vast from Hotel to self catering, from expensive to budget, for this reason we feel the best option is which enables you to make the right choice that suits you. Our centre is in Santo Antonio so we suggest using "Sao Roque do Pico" in the search engine.

Do we need a car/scooter?
We would certainly recommend a car/scooter rental, whilst Pico is relative small everything is well distributed. Our roads a good and quiet also so no problem with nerves in busy traffic. You will certainly get the best from Pico with your own transport. For those not wishing to drive abroad we can arrange airport transfers, your transfers to and from the dive centre on your activity days are included for accommodation within Sao Roque.
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