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Twin Peaks Diving Centre offers a full array of diving to suit all qualifications and experience levels. Our diving will take you around the majestic coast of Pico. Diving in Pico is possible all year round with water temperatures ranging from 17 degrees C in the winter to 24 degrees C in the summer months and visibility generally varying between 15 to 30 metres. Underwater, the seabed drops away from the coastline in a series of slopes and steps, giving divers’ easy access to the walls, caves and swim through which make up Picos underwater topography. There is abundant marine life to be found, from the small crab, octopus, slipper and spinney lobsters to the larger rays and barracudas. From June we can visit the Manta Rays out on Princess Alice and our blue and mako shark diving takes place from August to October also out on the banks.

Our dive packages
Twin Peaks Diving Centre is affiliated to SDI, SSI and BSAC. We offer you achievable packages that allow you to also take in the tranquil Azores and everything else they have to offer. We would suggest an 8 dive package for a weeks stay with the option to add additional dives locally in Pico, so you can choose your personal balance between diving and other available activities. Additional dives are not at a premium rate and are equal in price in proportion to that of a package. We offer packages to suit all levels from newly qualified to technical diving. Safety is paramount and all dive packages have the option to up grade to nitrox diving for those qualified, for those who are not qualified it’s possible for you to qualify whilst with us.

don't just dive it, explore it
one dive centre, 3 islands
dive sites of Faial, Pico and Sao Jorge

Arches of Prainha - DPV Dive/Boat Dive
20m - 40m  €60.00 with EAN28 €72.00
This dive is a topography dive with a site consisting of lava tubes, channels and arches made by Mt. Pico in bygone times. Due to the depth this is a dive we recommend EAN28 (MOD40m)

Furna do Santo Antonio - Coastal Dive
6m - 18m €35.00
​Our signature house reef, which every dive can bring a surprise from turtles to rays the reef has it all. the true attraction of the reef is to "furna" a large swim through cave which is home to our nudibranchs making it a special reef for the photographers amongst us.

Whilst this dive is not about marine life more towards the spectacular seascape which was formed during the last eruption it can still be an amazing dive for sea life. With deep wall canyons and swim through makes for great wide angle photography. For those that prefer macro we have numerous nudi's along the way. This dive is for those with good consumption although not a deep dive it is a good dive through the labyrinth seascapes

Need equipment? Full Equipment Rental €35.00 per day
Not a problem, we pride our self in our rental equipment being high end. SCUBA equipment is life support equipment and you deserve the best. From Xdeep buoyancy compensators to Apeks and Mares regulators with Ratio and Mares computers. Our Wetsuits are the latest flex therm 7mm from Mares to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your dive. Whilst most dive centers charge you extra for a 15l cylinder, with us the choice is yours from a 10l to 15l with no surcharge, if you need more gas then take it. We offer any nitrox mix for your dive to all qualified divers, if you’re not qualified then you can complete your course whilst you dive.